Hello and welcome to my site.
I maintain this site as a means by which friends and others can enjoy seeing my work. I certainly enjoy making the images.

Some have said in one way or another that my images don't represent the actuality at the moment the image was recorded. Strictly speaking, they are correct. But, I will answer with the following: Photographs have never, ever, represented the actuality of the moment. Even in the 'film era'. Once that shutter is released we are attempting to put a three dimensional object onto a two dimensional medium. That is an extreme change to begin with. When images were recorded to film, there was a choice to be made. Which film to use? Kodachrome? Fuji? Agfa? And a myriad of others. Each would render the image with it's own 'bent' . . . It's own look. And then there was an interpretaion in enlargement. BW? Color? Which paper? What surface? Lighter? Darker? Sharper? Dodge and burn? . . . etc.

And along comes digital imaging and Photoshop. It really is not much different. Just easier.

And I say this to the nay-sayers: Good for you! At least you have an opinion. Leads to good discussion.

For me the process is an ongoing one. My final image is the product of the initial record plus the post production work used to arrive at the future vision I had when I first released the shutter. Most times I get there; often I do not. On rare occasion there is previously unthought of discovery. But enough said.

Bottom line is I hope you enjoy my stuff . . .
Thanks for visiting.
I can be reached at [email] BUCKMANPHOTOatYAHOO.COM and [tel] 561-292-3353
I used literal @ [at] to defeat spambots